Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring in to be seen?
If you wish to have your services billed to your insurance a prescription is needed, and your insurance card.
I am unable to leave my home, can someone come to my home?
Our staff is able and willing to see clients at their home depending on the clients condition. If adjustments or repairs are needed you may need to come into our office where we will have the equipment to work on your device.
How will I know if my insurance will cover my device?
We will contact your insurance carrier to verify benefits as a courtesy to you. At your initial visit we will be able to provide you with your benefit information, and your estimated share of cost if applicable.
How long to I have to wait for my device?
Off the shelf items such as cam walkers, wrist splints etc are usually dispensed upon the initial appointment and if ordering is necessary we will provide within 2 business days. Custom made items, such as custom knee braces, arch supports, custom AFO’s and items of this nature will take approximately 2 weeks from the initial appointment. Prosthetics may include several fittings and check sockets in order to ensure optimal fit and comfort, therefore the turn around time will be 2-3 weeks for final fit and delivery.
Do I need a prescription to get a new prosthesis or orthosis?
Yes. We will evaluate you and submit findings and recommendation to your physician.
My device broke or there is something wrong with it, what should I do?
Always contact our office with any questions or concerns regarding your item. We will schedule an appointment as needed, in order to evaluate the necessary repairs or replacement. At that time we will contact physician with our findings and recommendation in order to facilitate referral or prescription process on behalf of our patients.
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