We will not let anything keep Mike down. Mike came to us through word of mouth from the Bay Area where he was fit with a prosthesis that just didn’t fit and work for him. I could see that he was very discouraged, and wanted to be back to walking as he was just a month earlier. ~ AOP

Ever since I was in the sixth grade I have seen my father struggle with diabetes, and coronary disease. In the last three years an infection in his foot has had a huge impact on his life. Between diabetes, heart disease and the infection it has turned my family’s world upside down. In the last year he has had to take antibiotics for the infection, and they began shutting down his kidneys. The doctors felt they had to act or something was going to give with my father’s body. That day they told us they had to take his leg we all knew it was for the best, and hoped it would solve my dad’s infection problems. I am so grateful that I am able to continue to have my dad in my life even if it is with just one leg. I have to thank everyone at American they allowed my dad to pick himself up and keep on walking. They have been so kind helpful and able to work around all my fathers other existing medical problems. ~ Michele

Mike, who is a patient at American Orthotics & Prosthetics, is a below-knee amputee that has had to deal with a number of adversities through out his adult life, but because of modern advances in medicine, he's been able to move ahead and continue living his life. Now Mike is able to move on at 60 years and able to be with his new granddaughter, and his four other grandchildren. ~ AOP

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